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Honoring the Legacy of William Wilkins Kearney

The Human Fund was established from long time friendships and a tragedy. The fund was originally created among a close group of friends including Wilkins, but had no clear directive. After Wilkins took his life, the mission of the fund became clear - to prevent suicide and support those dealing with this difficult but increasing epidemic. While friends and family mourned and searched for understanding, resolve grew strong to help others and The Human Fund began to take shape. Thanks to generous donations we are now in a position to help fund suicide prevention initiatives and provide support for families affected by suicide. 

Wilkins Kearney - Catfish from Grand Isle
While we grieve, console and find joy in remembrance, let us also find the resolve to do what we can to save others.
- The Human Fund

And while the mission of The Human Fund is very serious and the members dedicated, we also honor the legacy of our dear friend by never taking ourselves too seriously. Therefore, we continue many of the traditions created from years of goofiness and camaraderie. In fact, our Catfish logo derived from a habit of Wilkins' calling a local sports radio show claiming the handle of "Catfish from Grand Isle." He took great joy in these calls and would announce to friends whenever he was on hold so they could listen to Catfish's words of sports wisdom. The calls were hilarious and the hosts often laughed hysterically.

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